HR & Training

Let Storage 365 Management help you with your HR, Training and Legal

HR, Training & Legal

We have you covered!

Our Human Resources team works closely with Training and Legal teams, to ensure that you receive excellent well-rounded support.

Focus is on Our People

Our culture encourages an environment where people want to stay and thrive.

Building the team

Complete candidate interview process includes criminal background checks and drug screen.

Happy, Insured, Paid, Trained Motivated and Protected

At Storage 365 Management we work hard to make sure your employees are happy

  • Payroll and benefits that comply with regulations
  • Comprehensive benefit offerings at competitive prices
  • Training, tools, resources and leadership development
  • Recognition & Rewards programs to motivate employees to help our customers and generate business
  • Expert HR team that supports employee relations

We are here for you

Our customer service center is open 365 days per year

Why Storage 365 Management?

You need a management company that is designed to maximize every dollar spent and seamlessly scale for an increased return on investment. 

This can only be accomplished by having a partner that is committed to being an extension of your team and has a deep interest in supporting your success.  

Storage 365 Management’s mission is to help you achieve quick wins and greater business outcomes.  All of this with a focus to ensure every aspect of our solution – people and management services - provide you a program that gives you a very real, sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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